1 Year and Counting

Today C.A.R.E. Strategies turned 1 years old!!! 

For 1 year I have been completely self-sufficient on the income, energy, and power of Black Abundance.  My gratitude for everyone who has Anniversarysupported me getting here – ChE, Margaret, Tressie, Merlin, Afia, Ashara, Angela, Gina, Cat, Joanne, Heidi, Monica, Rachel, Laurene, Hope, Deanna, Ysanet,and many more- cannot be stated enough. Your risking WITH me helped me stay accountable to the goal of BLACK ABUNDANCE ! 

The learning I have done over the past year is hard to capture- but my inspiration draws from Octavia’s words and have allowed to EVERYTHING be my teacher. Everything I have lost and gained, feared and loved- Everything has taught me. I have learned to trust the wisdom of my people in a way I never have before. I have learned how to use that wisdom to multiply good, and create transformation. I have learned to deeply listen, understand, and use what is gained to create space for others – predominately Black Women- for sacred incubation of their vision to grow. I am learning humility- how to not get tripped up on titles as a show of value, and how to stake my success on the quality of relationships. I have learned about passion – I have poured life giving energy into this work to make it come alive.  I have learned about expansive thinking- I have believed the impossible was real, and convinced a few other people on the way. 

So, what now? What new greatness lies in the next horizon?

Growth. Sustainability. Transformation. 

These things, often thought of as “lofty” goals are coming in tangible forms:

  1. I am getting new clients who reflect the work I thought I had to leave behind.
  2. I am solidifying my work flow to take care of myself, my family, and when I can community.
  3. I am taking risks to ask for things I wouldn’t have, to be in spaces I wouldn’t normally be in, and to redefine myself.
  4. I want to create more spaces to share what I am learning (and what other’s are learning ) about creating Black Abundance.

This story is just beginning. Stay tuned for more to come!


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